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The Winds Have Changed Directions in Hong Kong
The crisis in Hong Kong has been escalating; black-shirted demonstrators, in order to hijack the public "to be forced to boycott classes", "to be forced to strike", "to be forced to close shops", barr ...
2019/11/20 0
Grand Debate on the Affairs of State Should Not Be Skipped
The official registration for presidential candidates is around the corner. KMT candidate Han Kuo-yu has announced Simon Chang as his running mate, while DPP candidate Tsai Ing-wen is expected to anno ...
2019/11/19 2
Grassroots Enthusiasm Will Inevitably Wrestle Down the Machinery of the State
he 2020 presidential election campaign rages on; up to now, the DPP, backed up by leading support ratings in surveys, has ostensibly shown full confidence. In reality, it is superficial, while filled ...
2019/11/18 2
Nat’l Defense Black Hole, Electoral Wild Beast
President Tsai Ing-wen some days ago inspected and attended a workshop of armed forces reserve officers, and later took part in the ground-breaking ceremony of the Veterans General Hospital Pingtung B ...
2019/11/15 3
Simon Chang's Fury and Lee Hsien Loong's Caveat
KMT presidential candidate Han Kuo-yu announced former premier Simon Chang as his running mate. Simon Chang, who has always given people the impression of being a well-tempered man, stepped forward be ...
2019/11/14 5
Waltzing Between the M’land and the US, Tsai Ing-wen Must Learn from Morris Chang
According to a Financial Times report, the US government is pressing Taiwan to restrict the exportation of TSMC-made chips to Mainland China’s tech giant Huawei, hoping that the Taiwan government will ...
2019/11/13 2
Enacting a Red Agent Law Means to Initiate a Bible for Dictatorship
The DPP suddenly plays its hand, breaking the tacit agreement between the ruling and opposition parties not to take up the bill titled “Agents for the CCP Act" during this regular legislative session, ...
2019/11/12 3
Beijing Providing Strong Medicine, Hong Kong Should Make the Right Prescriptions
The protests and demonstrations as a result of Hong Kong’s proposed amendment bill to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance have continued for nearly half a year; although the scale of the demonstrations h ...
2019/11/11 2
How Much Debt Is Left to Our Posterity by Policies of a “Cabinet of Losers”?
The recent policies issued by the Tsai government to sprinkle subsidies for electioneering purposes have reached a point where the people could not catch up, totally disregarding the legitimacy, fairn ...
2019/11/08 8
US & China Compete in Loving Taiwan; Yet the DPP Still Shouts Slogans of “Fight & Kill”
The 4th Plenum of the 19th CPC Central Committee has just concluded, issuing a new direction in the CCP’s policy for Taiwan; subsequently, the Taiwan Affairs Office under the State Council, the Politb ...
2019/11/07 6
Humanitarian Crisis and the Disaster of Human Nature as Perceived by the "Devil"
The case of Hong Kong murder suspect Chan Tong-kai has undergone twists and turns; the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) recently indicated that our Criminal Police Bureau and the Hong Kong Police Depart ...
2019/11/06 5
How to Break Through the “Taiwan Program” for Those Who Tremble Upon Hearing Reunification
Regardless of who wins the presidential election next year, whatever cross-Strait policies the winning side will propose, the urgency of consulting with the Mainland for resolving the fundamental poli ...
2019/11/05 6
Han Kuo-yu Must Not Repeat Ma Ying-jeou’s Mistake
Former President Ma Ying-jeou recently spoke at the press conference for "Let’s Salvage Our History Education", admitting that in his eight-year tenure, he hadn’t done enough in readjusting textbook g ...
2019/11/04 7
With His Performances, Tsai Pi-chung Is More than Qualified to Be the New Superintendant of “Dongchang”
Whichever political culture produces whichever political appointees. In the Chan Tong-kai incident, after the President, the Premier and various Cabinet ministers flip-flopped after having failed in c ...
2019/11/01 8
Su Tseng-chang Cold-Bloodedly Counts the Votes
he death sentence deprives a human being of his life and is the ultimate punishment for a criminal offender. Although anti-death sentence groups have repeatedly advocated the repeal of the death sente ...
2019/10/31 8
“The Devil Talk”: Hidden Ghosts Created by Deep Suspicions of a "Fighting-Cock Premier"
Hong Kong suspect Chan Tong-kai was willing to surrender himself in Taiwan, nevertheless Taiwan was raising a rainstorm, with ramifications abounding. As the media reported that lawyers of the Lee and ...
2019/10/29 7
Ko Wen-je’s “Shameful Taboo”, What Could We Do?
Taipei City Mayor Ko Wen-je has made two clear-cut statements that "the Taipei Dome issue should be resolved, it won’t be further delayed" and that "the Taipei Dome has a chance to be completed within ...
2019/10/28 9
The Ridiculous Open Window of “Equal Justice Before the Law” Created by Obvious Lances and Hidden Arrows
The handling of Hong Kong murder suspect Chan Tong-kai by the Tsai government, from the unified version of rejecting his offer to surrender by the various ministries, to the later declaration saying " ...
2019/10/25 9
Double-Faced Gov’t: Fighting All the Way to Get Fraud Suspects While Pushing All the Way to Reject a Murder Suspect
Chan Tong-kai, a murder suspect now in Hong Kong, is willing to surrender himself for trial in Taiwan; for several days, the government has rejected the offer, its fickle pretext is indeed astonishing ...
2019/10/24 11
The Tsai Gov’t “Rejects the Surrender of Suspect” Chan Tong-kai, Pretending that It Never Asked for His Repatriation to Taiwan
Chan Tong-kai, a Hong Kong man who murdered his girlfriend in Taiwan, recently indicated that he would be willing to come to Taiwan to surrender himself to the authorities, and the Hong Kong governmen ...
2019/10/23 12
The Death of Food Delivery Workers: Seeing a Third World Scene in Taiwan
In five days, three fatal traffic accidents took the lives of two food delivery workers and one pedestrian, drawing attention to the labor safety of this emerging industry. It also elicited discussion ...
2019/10/22 10
Electoral Battle Between Grassroots Man and Wealthy Woman
Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu began to take official leave, devoting himself wholeheartedly to the 2020 presidential election. As his recent ratings in opinion polls have been lagging behind, with T ...
2019/10/21 12
DPP Considers State-Run Enterprises as Its Own Turf, the Public Are Left to Their Own Devices
Premier Su Tseng-chang has approved the "High-Speed Rail Southward Extension Project", eliciting questioning. In recent days, he has strongly defended his decision, bragging about the vision of his pl ...
2019/10/18 17
Tsai Ing-wen Suddenly Remembers 8/23, But Forgot the Nation’s History
During her National Day message, President Tsai emphasized that "the Republic of China Taiwan" was the broadest consensus of the society, and looked back at the various severe challenges experienced j ...
2019/10/17 7
“Concubine State” Diplomacy: Tsai Can’t Protect Taiwan's Dignity at the Knees of the US and Japan
At the National Day celebrations, President Tsai Ing-wen talked loquaciously about defending national sovereignty, letting the Republic of China Taiwan feel pride on the international stage. In contra ...
2019/10/16 13
Look at the DPP’s Decadence from that of Chen Chi-chung’s
In the fire of illegally-built factories on farmland in Taichung, two firefighters perished, eliciting criticism on the maladministration of the Su Tseng-chang Cabinet granting “amnesty” to factories ...
2019/10/15 10
Terminate the DPP’s Complete Control of Government and Complete Dictatorship
he DPP used to have ideals of trumping authoritarianism and pushing for democratic reforms; now it has departed far from the core ideals of ​​democracy - pluralism, inclusiveness, communication, respe ...
2019/10/14 14
Taiwan Can't Stand Losing ECFA
In responding to interpellations at the Legislative Yuan, Economics Minister Shen Jong-chin admitted the possibility of losing ECFA (the cross-Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement) as a res ...
2019/10/09 16
The Pompously Arrogant Ringleader of the Losers’ League
When Premier Su Tseng-chang inspected the Typhoon Disaster Prevention Center, because he was unable to immediately talk on the phone with Hsu Chen-wei, Hualien County executive, of KMT affiliation, wh ...
2019/10/08 19
Will the Collapse of the Nanfang’ao Bridge Only Cause Pain for One Day?
After the collapse of the Nanfang’ao Cross Harbor Bridge, all circles strived for search and rescue; up to now, the disaster left five dead and one missing. A single incident of bridge collapse expose ...
2019/10/07 17

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