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Words and Deeds of Su Tseng-chang’s Governance Are Filled with Contradictions and Bias
Premier Su Tseng-chang has recently continued to write on his Facebook and Twitter accounts, bragging about the performance of Taiwan's agricultural exports. First, he boasted that the value of fruit ...
2019/07/19 4
Han Kuo-yu Must Demonstrate a Stature of Exploring, Galvanizing and Elevating
According to the results of the KMT presidential primary polls, Han Kuo-yu led the hopefuls with an obvious gap, garnering the qualification to represent the Blue camp in challenging Tsai Ing-wen. Fro ...
2019/07/18 6
From the Japan-Korea Trade War, We Smell the Inklings of Changes in the East Asian Situation
The Japanese government this month suddenly declared its decision to delete South Korea from the "white list" of friendly countries' economies, and starting from July 4th , it has begun to stringently ...
2019/07/17 6
Bolting the Party to Run Independently After the Primary Would Be Tantamount to Political Suicide
The KMT presidential primary has been proceeding for four days; the hopefuls and their supporters have all been tensely wrestling with one another, reaching a climax. First, the Blue camp has been exh ...
2019/07/16 5
The Roaming Specter of Martial Law Rule: Agents for the CCP and Amendment Bills to National Security Laws
Since President Tsai Ing-wen proclaimed in her New Year’s message to erect a “Democracy Protection Net”, the DPP government over the past seven months has devoted all efforts to build what it called a ...
2019/07/15 5
Tsai Ing-wen Is Afraid of Han, Gou, Chu, Ko? She Fears Not Even Vox Populi!
In the 2020 presidential race, the KMT’s hopefuls, Eric Chu, Terry Gou and Han Kuo-yu all say "Tsai Ing-wen is afraid of me the most"; President Tsai Ing-wen, nevertheless, responded with a smile, say ...
2019/07/12 10
The Death of a Brave Cop in the Line of Duty Intertwined with Police Officers’ Cries and Echoes of the Poor
A young and outstanding railroad police officer Lee Cheng-han died in the line of duty when he was stabbed by an assailant on the train; the news shocked the society. However, what the officer’s death ...
2019/07/11 10
Undermining Taiwan’s Democracy, the DPP Should Itself Undergo Transformation for Justice
President Tsai Ing-wen says that the DPP is a democratic political party; in fact, although the DPP uses democracy as the call, it however walks further and further from democracy both within the part ...
2019/07/10 9
Harsh Officialdom Framing Kuan Chung-ming: Witch-hunt in the Battle to Stay in Power?
On the grounds of "eye-catching case in society", the Commission on Disciplinary Sanction of Public Functionaries took the initiative on July 2nd to try in open court, for the first time, Kuan Chung-m ...
2019/07/09 9
EVA Strike Reveals the Tipping of Balance in Labor-Management Disputes
On July 2nd, the Taoyuan City Flight Attendants Union once again held eleven-hour-long talks with EVA Air on stopping the flight attendant strike, in the end, still failing to successfully sign a coll ...
2019/07/08 10
Would the Sunflower Movement Hong Kong Edition Be the Turning Point for the Future of Mainland-Hong Kong Relations?
On the 22nd anniversary of Hong Kong’s return to China, 550,000 Hong Kongers routinely held a rally; this year’s theme followed the anti-repatriation movement, demanding "withdraw the vicious amendmen ...
2019/07/05 11
Tsai Ing-wen’s US Card Sours
US President Trump and Mainland President Xi Jinping met for the 5th "Trump-Xi Summit" on June 29, once again deciding to resume trade negotiations. Major countries in the world, including neighboring ...
2019/07/04 17
The History Questionnaire that President Tsai Must Answer
President Tsai’s first term is a failure; now that she is seeking re-election, she must review with humility the inadequacies in the governance of her term. To rule a nation, President Tsai must face ...
2019/07/03 14
National Security Considerations Are So Useful: from Community Assistants to Taipei Twin Towers Project
Ko Wen-je had just blown his top yesterday morning for the delay of approval of the Taipei Twin Towers project, accusing President Tsai by asking: "Do I really have to go to the official presidential ...
2019/07/02 15
You Yourself Have to Eradicate the Seed of Evil for Strikes You Planted
EVA Air’s flight attendants announced that they would strike on June 20 following the collapse of labor-management negotiations, entering the seventh day today. This is a triple loss situation for lab ...
2019/07/01 13
Who Is Engaging in Sophistry: How Did NT$20 Billion Quake Prevention Funds Disappear into Thin Air?
Under the DPP administration, the greatest thing that bothers people is not only that opinions from various circles are entangling, but also the fact of the matter is difficult to find. Recently the N ...
2019/06/28 12
Election Industry Gets Upgraded, While Democratic Politics, However, Is Falling
The DPP presidential primary came to a close amid questions; Tsai Ing-wen easily demonstrated the conquest mode of the general mobilization by the machinery of the state. In the heated battle of the K ...
2019/06/27 13
Gov’t Incompetence Leaves the Public Hostage to Strikes
The management and labor at EVA Air declared that at 2 pm on June 20 their talks broke down; at 4 pm flight attendants started to strike, forcing EVA to cancel 79 flights on June 21st, only being able ...
2019/06/26 9
Premier Su’s Admonitions toward Han Kuo-yu Show His True Colors
President Tsai, in the DPP presidential primary with Lai Ching-te, lauded several times Premier Su Tseng-chang for his experience and forcefullness, freeing her from all worries in the rear. On the on ...
2019/06/25 11
Plebiscite Act Being Locked into an Iron Cage, What Distances Tsai Ing-wen from Carrie Lam?
Utilizing Hong Kong’s million-people demonstrations against "repatriation to China", Tsai Ing-wen emphasized that she would stand on the side of the Hong Kongers, pledging to defend Taiwan's democracy ...
2019/06/24 10
Tsai Ing-wen After Shaking Off Old Green Males
Taiwan’s elections have always been tumultuous. After President Tsai Ing-wen suffered a stunning defeat in last yearend’s nine-in-one local elections, she used up all resources, exhausted all strategi ...
2019/06/21 12
How the Tsai Gov’t Craftily Utilizes the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance
After many days of protests and confrontations, Hong Kong Chief Executive Carry Lam announced that she suspended the legislative action on the amendment bill to the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance, one o ...
2019/06/20 13
Applause May Please the Ear, But Only by Attracting Boos Can It Become Even Stronger
In the KMT’s primary, Han Kuo-yu and Terry Guo are neck and neck with their support ratings being mired in stagnation. To this situation, Blue camp supporters feel deep anxiety, believing that if Han ...
2019/06/19 15
To Ignore Hong Kongers’ Fury Is Tantamount to “Burying One Country, Two Systems"
The Hong Kong government has been pushing for the revision of the “Fugitive Offenders Ordinance”, dubbed "Extraditing to the Mainland Statute", touching on the sensitive nerves of Hong Kong people, el ...
2019/06/18 17
EVA Flight Attendant Strike Must Watch for Public Welfare
The Taoyuan City Flight Attendants Union not unexpectedly voted to approve EVA Air’s strike, thus securing the lawful right to strike. The union has pledged that prior to the resumption of negotiation ...
2019/06/17 12
No One Can "Self-Deny": Look at Tsai Ing-wen's Misunderstanding of Democracy
The DPP started on June 10th to conduct opinion polls for the presidential primary; it will be decided this week who will be its standard bearer in the race. It is noteworthy that the DPP recently hel ...
2019/06/14 12
Tsai Gov’t Should Learn from TSMC’s Wisdom
Up to now, the US-China trade war has not shown any possibility of coming to an end; even if the two countries eventually reach a certain agreement, their bilateral relations and the big picture of th ...
2019/06/13 12
Richard Bush Debunks Tsai Ing-wen’s Pro-US Ploy
The US-China conflicts have escalated from a trade war and tech war to a comprehensive economic war. On the strategic, diplomatic, and geopolitical levels, China has become a "strategic competitor" an ...
2019/06/12 12
Lee Chin-yung's Machinations and the DPP's "Plebiscite Phobia"
Lee Chin-yung, whose nomination as chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) was railroaded for confirmation amid spirited contentions, advocated on his first day in office that "plebiscite el ...
2019/06/11 12
Home-Coming Taiwan Businessmen from the M’land, Tsai Gov’t’s Ecstasy
The DPP government considers home-coming Taiwanese investments from the Mainland as an important accomplishment of governance, splashing publicity. President Tsai even set up an index, saying home-com ...
2019/06/10 12

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