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Tsai Ing-wen Re-Elected DPP Chairperson


Tsai Ing-wen Re-Elected DPP Chairperson


Sources: All Taipei newspapers


May 24, 2010


Incumbent DPP Chairperson Tsai Ing-wen yesterday won re-election with over 90% of the ballots, defeating her challenger You Ching, former DPP Taipei County Executive.


Just half an hour later, the DPP party central surprisingly issued a press release to announce that Tsai Ing-wen and party secretary-general Su Chia-chuan had decided to heed the calls from the DPP nomination task force to run in the year-end five special municipalities elections. Tsai will run for mayor of Xinbei City (upgraded Taipei County) and Su Chia-chuan will run for mayor of the expanded Taichung City, finally concluding the DPP’s nomination slate for the five year-end elections.


Eric Chu, former vice premier, will represent the KMT to face Tsai, and incumbent Taichung City Mayor Jason Hu of the KMT will run against the DPP’s Su Chia-chuan.


In addition, in the elections for directors of the DPP local chapters yesterday, Huang Ching-lin, current Taipei Chapter director, a die-hard supporter of former President Chen Shui-bian, was defeated by incumbent Taipei City Councilman Chuang Ruei-hsiung with the “cooperation” of his DPP colleagues on the Taipei City Council. Huang had challenged the leadership of Tsai Ing-wen on several occasions, stirring controversies.


However, Tsai’s decision to run in the Xinbei election received a mixed reception from within the DPP. Former Vice President Annette Lu said that Tsai had already missed the best timing to announce her candidacy, and that she was worried whether Tsai would be overtaxed by having to handle party affairs and her own election campaign at the same time. Li Chun-yi, DPP caucus whip, also stated that there was no consensus within the DPP for Tsai to run in the Xinbei election while doubling as DPP Chairperson. He said that Tsai would not have enough time or energy to stump for the DPP’s nominees in the other four special municipalities elections, so her decision to enter in the race would not necessarily benefit the DPP.


A commentator has pointed out that Tsai’s participation in the Xinbei City election, with Su Tseng-chang running in Taipei City, would definitely have an impact on the 2012 Presidential election, regardless of whether they win or lose in the year-end elections.



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