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Han Pays Unexpected Visit to LY to Seek Funding for Dengue Fever Control


Han Pays Unexpected Visit to LY to Seek Funding for Dengue Fever Control


Source: China Times

June 18, 2019


Kaohsiung City Mayor Han Kuo-yu (韓國瑜) paid an unexpected visit to the Legislative Yuan (LY) yesterday morning, planning to call on KMT and DPP legislators while there. When interviewed by the media, Han indicated that Kaohsiung City was urgently in need of subsidies from the central government for dengue fever prevention and control since it was imperative and required the central government’s help. Han went on to state that “however, the nine district legislators of Kaohsiung have not spoken up about Kaohsiung’s dengue fever problem,” adding that mosquitoes did not have party affiliation, appealing to everyone to handle the epidemic prevention and control all together.


Yesterday at the LY, Han called on KMT legislator Wang Jin-pyng (王金平), a former Speaker. Because prior arrangements were not made with Wang, Wang was in a meeting with a visitor. However, Wang still suspended his meeting to meet with Han, talking with him for about ten minutes.


Han also headed to the KMT caucus room to ask KMT legislators to support Kaohsiung City Hall in striving for the central government subsidies so as to resolve the issues of epidemic prevention and control. KMT caucus whip John Wu (吳志揚) promised to help on the spot.


Following that, Han went to call on individual DPP legislators elected by Kaohsiung City residents at their offices, but without success in the absence of appointments.


Currently, the nine district legislators elected by Kaohsiung City residents are all of DPP affiliation, while among the at-large legislative seats of Kaohsiung, the KMT accounts for three seats.


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