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Foxconn Rebuts Disinformation on Withdrawal from the M’land


Foxconn Rebuts Disinformation on Withdrawal from the M’land


Source: UDN & China Times

June 18, 2019


Rumors that Foxconn plans to withdraw from Mainland China have been spreading on the Mainland. Yesterday, Foxconn Technology Group made an announcement on its official WeChat account, emphasizing that Foxconn absolutely did not plan to withdraw its investments from the Mainland. The announcement also stated that the group would continue to develop its roots in Mainland China and promote local and young talent in the company, adding that it would also assist in the transformation and upgrading of industry workers on the Mainland. Moreover, in the announcement, Foxconn indicated that it would take legal action against those slinging mud at the group in order to protect its image and interests.

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