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Blue Camp & DPP’s Annette Lu Lambast DPP Caucus for Revising Plebiscite Act for the Worse


  Blue Camp & DPP’s Annette Lu Lambast DPP Caucus for Revising Plebiscite Act for the Worse


Source: UDN

June 18, 2019

KMT hopefuls in its 2020 Presidential primary and former Vice President Annette Lu (呂秀蓮), of DPP affiliation, condemned the DPP caucus for relying on its supermajority in the Legislature to railroad an amendment bill to the Plebiscite Act on the first day of the extraordinary legislative session yesterday.

Terry Gou (郭台銘), Chairman of Foxconn, lambasted the DPP for rolling back democracy by railroading the bad amendment bill that clamped down on the democratic rights of the people. Gou stated that in the past, the DPP had criticized the plebiscite legislation designed and introduced by the KMT as a birdcage, claiming that only by massively easing restrictions on plebiscites could the voice of Taiwan people be heard, while, conversely, now the DPP virtually locked plebiscites in an iron cage in an attempt to silence the people just because the results of last yearend’s plebiscite elections didn’t go as the DPP had hoped for. Gou called on people to make right choices in the 2020 general elections, i.e., force the DPP government to step down with their ballots.

Eric Chu (朱立倫), the immediate-past New Taipei City Mayor, pointed out that the Central Election Commission, through its negligence and omissions in last year’s nine-in-one local elections combined with plebiscite elections, was the one to be blamed for the many shortcomings as well as chaos at the polling places. Chu asked, “On what basis does the DPP sacrifice Taiwan people’s rights?” Chu stated that he would not allow the DPP to undermine Taiwan’s freedom and democracy.

Annette Lu also expressed regrets over the delinking of plebiscite elections from nationwide elections. Lu called on constituents to elect better legislators in the upcoming legislative elections to revise again the Plebiscite Act, as amended, for the better.


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