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Fu Kun-chi Claims to Have Violated Serious Taboo, Thus Being Politically Persecuted


 Fu Kun-chi Claims to Have Violated Serious Taboo, Thus Being Politically Persecuted


Source: China Times

September 14, 2018


Hualien County Executive Fu Kun-chi was sentenced to eight months in prison on final appeal by the Supreme Court on charges of illegal stock market speculation involving shares of the Taipei-based Hold Key Electric Wire and Cable Co., and has been removed from office by Executive Yuan. On September 13th, he called a press conference at the Hualien County Hall, indicating that he exposed that the DPP had selected foreign operators for wind power generation and that their quotations were NT$900 billion higher than the international market prices in competitive tenders, thus being the greatest corruption case in the nation’s history. He then added that because he violated serious taboos, he now faced political persecution.

On the evening of the 13th, the Hualien District Prosecutors Office served a summons on Fu for serving the sentence, notifying him to report to the Hualien District Prosecutors Office for execution of the sentence on the 25th. As Mid-Autumn or Moon Festival this year falls on Sunday the 24th of September, Fu is going to prison the day immediately following the festival.

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